Keywords: Ukrainian statehood, Nation education, education, culture, science, pedagogy, peda-gogue, Ukraine.


The article devoted to the problems of Ukrainian statehood, the education of the Nation, the effective use of scientific human capital and the quality of education in Ukraine. It noted that the ideals of freedom, independence, unity, laid in the consciousness of the people, divided by foreign oppression, practical-ly created a new Ukrainian soul, affecting all strata of the population, especially on the thin stratum of the forefront of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Author revealed that Nation needs the lifelong education as the most important mission of state and civil society. Progress is only made when it is covered by enlightenment, which brings up the potential of intelligence, ethics, motivating the people's aspirations for science, educa-tion, art and knowledge. The author emphasizes that education affects and changes the life of human, society, state. It is revealed that the system of effective use of scientific human capital will not be formed in the coun-try, motivated and highly educated specialists will not be preserved until the conscious tendency of destroy-ing national intellectual potential ceases. The author has proved that the basis of educational modernization is the quality of teaching, teaching tools and methodological support, as well as socio-cultural environment. The public-state norm and the main principle should be an approach that will finance science, education, culture. That is why it is impossible to rely only on bureaucracy. In the article determined, that social and state norms of behavior should be built in accordance with national ideals, humanity, virginity of human rights and freedoms, by introducing high international scientific and educational standards that should be-come reliable for the strengthening of the Ukrainian people and the State.


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