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Author Guidelines

Edition of the UNESCO Chair Journal "Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century"  -  twice a year.

The Editorial Board accepts for publication articles published by the authors for the first time. Submission can be only in Ukrainian and English. If the article is written in English, its translation (into Ukrainian) must be submitted to the Editorial Board!

The Editorial Board will accept article for publication after plagiarism checking and double-blind reviews by independent experts.

The authors must confirm that the article meets all the established requirements:

  1. The submission was not previously published and was not sent for consideration to the editors of other journals.
  2. The text of the submission meets the requirements of the correct design of the style and bibliography set out below.
  3. The article does not contain information prohibited for publication under current legislation of Ukraine
  4. The copyright for the article has not been transferred before and will not be transferred to third parties in the future.
  5. There is no conflict between authors if there are several co-authors
  6. The article does not violate the intellectual property rights of others.

If the article does not meet the established requirements, the materials will be returned to the authors for revision.

Note, that the Editorial Board will not consider submissions if:

  1. The submission do not meet the thematic area and requirements of the UNESCO Chair Journal;
  2. The submission have no scientific and practical novelty;
  3. The submission that not edited (contain grammatical and stylistic errors);
  4. The submission violates publishing ethics policy (for example: if the Editorial Board detects plagiarism, data falsification, duplication of publication, etc.).

We emphasize that the authors are responsible for the accuracy of the stated facts, quotations and references.

Postgraduate students submit articles with a review by the scientific supervisor. Authors without scientific degrees - with a review of Dr.Sc. or PhD in the relevant specialty.


Technical requirements:

  1. MS Word
  2. Top and Bottom Margins - 2 cm; Right and Left Margins - 2.5 cm.
  3. Font - Times New Roman;
  4. Font size – 14;
  5. Line spacing – 1.5.
  6. Do not use word wrap.
  7. Do not use sparse letters spacing or compacted letters spacing;
  8. Use the correct quotation - «»;
  9. Do the correct space between initials and the last name (Ctrl + Shift + space);
  10. Use only graphic elements made in graphic editors with high quality.

The article scope, including the list of references (without abstract), should be not less than 12 pages and not more than 20 pages (A4 Format).

Design of article structure:

  1. Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) – left align
  2. Name and Last name - right align
  3. Article title – UA (and EN), center align, bold, uppercase letters.
  4. Abstract – UA (and EN), not less than 1800 signs, italic, line spacing -1, in the abstract you need to show shortly: aim of the article, research methods, research results, practical value of the research, conclusions and prospects for further scientific research
  5. Keywords - UA (and EN) 5-10 words, italic, line spacing -1
  6. TEXT of the article
  7. References  - center align, bold, uppercase letters.
  8. Information about author(s) – at the end of article, UA (and EN), justify align, line spacing -1, also you need to add: scientific degree, academic title, position, place of work.
  9. E-mail - right align, bold
  10. ORCID ID - right align

The article must contain the following components:

  • Introduction (reveals the relevance of the study; analysis of previous research and publications).
  • The aim of the study
  • Theoretical basis and research methods (highlights the procedure of theoretical and methodological and / or experimental research).
  • Results (the main material of the article).
  • Conclusions (generalization of results prospects of further researches is carried out).


  • The list of references should be in alphabetical order.
  • At least 10 sources must be cited.
  • The references must be formatted according to the APA standard.
  • Links must be formatted according to the APA standard.
  • Authors must consider the authenticity of the references they use.
  • Self-citation should be appropriate and not exceed 20%
  • Most references should be from the last 5 years (preferably articles in reputable journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus or in the other international science databases).

The article submission and author’s information, please, send to the e-mail:

The publication is carried out with the involvement of author's funds. In order to encourage authors to publish articles in English, which is in the interests of further inclusion of the journal in international databases and the state policy of international scientific cooperation, the Editorial Board introduces a differentiated pricing policy. The price for one printing page of the article text in UA - UAH 50; The price for one printing page of the article text in EN - UAH  40; The price for one Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – UAH  100.

The Editorial Board will send the message of the article acceptance for publication to the author's e-mail after plagiarism checking and double blind reviews. After receiving the message from Editorial Board, the funds for the publication are sent by the author during next 10 days.

After the publication in the UNESCO Chair Journal, electronic versions of the article will be in open access on the website of the UNESCO Chair Journal "Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century".


For additional information, please call (044) 468-33-92 or send your questions to e-mail:


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