Plagiarism policy

UNESCO Chair Journal "Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century" accepts for publication only original submission (article) that have not been published before and have not been submitted for publication in other Journals.

The Editorial Board uses the (Plagiat.PL) program to detect plagiarism in the submission (article). Submission (article) that contain plagiarism without reference to the original source, will be reject by the Editorial Board in order to further clarify the reasons and circumstances of the plagiarism.

Detection the plagiarism before publication. The Editorial Board of the UNESCO Chair Journal analyzes any case of plagiarism in the content of a scientific article. If plagiarism is discovered by Editorial Board or Reviewers at any stage before the publication, the author (s) are warned to find out whether the detected plagiarism is indeed borrowed by the Author or, conversely, belongs to the Author as his property, but borrowed from another person and published, and for the peer-reviewed article is not a plagiarism. If not, the Author is invited to rewrite the article text or make a reference to his own source.

Plagiarism checking policy. Submission (article) in which plagiarism is detected are evaluated by two coefficients: KP1 - not more than 50%, KP2 - not more than 5%, if plagiarism is found more than these coefficients, the submission (article) is immediately will be sent to authors for revision. Also, during the plagiarism checking, the anti-plagiarism system will analyze different levels of text modifications. Based on the results of the plagiarism checking, Authors must to review the plagiarism and re-submit the article in a new version.

The percentage of plagiarism is calculated using anti-plagiarism system software, and will be evaluate by an Expert Commission and the Academic Integrity Supervisor, which are provided by the Founder of the UNESCO Chair Journal "Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century"- Ivan Ziaziun Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine